The National Lottery – Who Dares To Win?

A win on the National Lottery seems as random as the Lucky Dip selection of numbers on your Lotto ticket and with a one in 13,983,816 chance of winning, how could winner’s luck be anything but? However, are there things you could do to improve your chances of winning, or are you destined to hold a losing ticket week after week? Is a man living in Wales more likely to win big than a woman living in Scotland?

Of course, the correct answer is no; the likelihood of your winning the National Lottery is no greater depending on your sex, age, where you come from or even how you choose your Lotto numbers. With one ticket, you have as much chance of winning as everyone else and it’s that level playing field that keeps hopes high and conviction in tact when people claim to have a lucky feeling about a forthcoming Lottery win.

Some players may claim to have a winning formula, whether as a solo player or as part of a syndicate, or perhaps have a method for choosing lucky numbers, even positive thinking, some claim, has an impact upon the likelihood of your winning in the National Lottery. However, while positive thinking and the laws of attraction may turn you into a more optimistic player, it won’t literally affect your odds of winning.

Overall, the odds of winning are not improved depending on extraneous factors such as social diversity or where you live, rather by actually choosing to play a game with better odds itself. As each game has specific odds, you could find yourself more likely to win on a Daily Play, which has odds of one in eight, or on the Dream Number game, with odds of one in ten, as opposed to a one in 54 chance of winning anything on the Lotto and a one in 24 chance on EuroMillions.

That said, the people of Illford in Essex – so-called UK’s luckiest town for Jackpot winners – may disagree with you. In Illford, one in every 8,019 people is a Lottery winner, followed closely by Romford, where one in every 9,809 people has won big on the Lottery. Other lucky towns and cities for Lottery wins in the UK include Enfield in North London, Perth in Scotland and Tunbridge Wells in Kent. Liverpool, Watford and Birmingham are also considered worthy of a top ten spot on Lottery operator Camelot’s luckiest places list.

To date, the National Lottery has made nearly 2,000 millionaires, 40 per cent of who play Lucky Dip numbers, yet 38 per cent of Lottery winners reportedly saying they always believed they would win big one day. Lottery statistics reveal that positive thinking may play a minor part in success; indeed, 51 per cent of millionaires surveyed in the National Lottery Millionaires Survey 2006 believed themselves to be lucky.

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