See More of Norway in Comfort and Style on the Bergen Railway

Europe train holidays offer the perfect way to travel if you want to see more of what a country has to offer, without needing to hire a car and having to worry about foreign road signs, planning a route and traffic.

While many people who go abroad choose to spend their time in just one destination, the beauty of rail tours is that you can journey in style and comfort between a variety of exciting towns and cities, while admiring the ever-changing landscape from your window.

A case in point is the Bergen Railway – an exciting line that will take you past deep ravines, through tunnels hand-drilled from the mountains and up to a high point of a staggering 1,222 metres above sea level.

The line links Norway’s capital of Oslo with the country’s second biggest city Bergen and you can choose whether you travel to or from Oslo or whether you only journey along part of the line.

By starting your trip off in Bergen, you may wish to arrive a few days before your train departs in order to ensure that you have plenty of time to explore this exciting city.

Home to numerous museums and art galleries, two places of interest that are a must for history buffs are the Bergenhus Fortress – one of the oldest and best preserved forts in Norway – and the brightly coloured wooden houses of Bryggen, which is a Unesco World Heritage site.

In addition, you can indulge in some of Norway’s favourite cuisine – seafood – by paying a visit to the large open-air fish market, where you can also stock up on souvenirs for friends back home.

When it is time for you to board your carriage, taktekking bergen you are sure to be impressed by the luxury and comfort of your surroundings and you may wish to take the opportunity to simply sit back, relax and watch the Alpine landscape race by.

And what breathtaking scenery it is – as the train whisks you up into the mountains you will be able to gaze back down on the towns, forests and fjords below and you will certainly find yourself agreeing that Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Perhaps just as exhilarating as the view are the number of tunnels the line takes you through – a true feat of Norwegian engineering, with one of the first you will experience measuring a staggering 5.5 miles long.

As you journey higher you will reach Voss, a favourite with winter sports enthusiasts the world over due to its position as one of Norway’s leading ski resorts.

Next stop is Myrda, where you will join the internationally renowned Flam Railway – a thrilling track that twists and turns as it snakes its way up mountain sides and through 20 tunnels – 18 of which were drilled by hand.

From your carriage, you will be greeted with views of rivers rushing through deep ravines, snow-capped mountains and perhaps even a glimpse of wildlife.

After climbing to a staggering height of 4,267 metres above sea level, you will reach Finse.

No roads lead up to this snowy town so you can thank the wonders of rail travel as you explore your surroundings – where the Scott exhibition to the South Pole trained at the turn of the last century.

This part of your journey will also see you greeted with unmatched views of the Hallingdal Valley, the Hallingdalselva River, Lake Kroderen and the mountain of Norefjell, however, you will soon find that the scenery becomes increasingly urban as you reach Oslo.

Once you have arrived at the capital city you will find there is plenty to see and do, including taking a tour of the Royal Palace, visiting the opera house or seeing the cathedral.

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