How to Get the Right Printed Balloons for Your Marketing Purposes

Planning to promote or boost a new or existing brand and to get your message across to the area usually involves getting your logo or message printed onto balloons. It’s a fact that getting a child to wave your logo around really works. Popular at large events and mass gatherings because people notice it. But like all marketing solutions, it’s about getting the most from your money and with balloon promotional it’s about getting the right print on your balloon. Here’s a few tips to guide you to getting your balloon print (or known by it’s professional name of “promotional balloons”) working and correct.

Putting your company logo by means of which the viewers would understand that the exact purpose of the promotion of your company is essential. The actual balloon is available in many colours and sizes. It is worth colour matching your company colours with the balloon colour to create link associations. The next time potential customers see a newspaper advert with your company colour and logo on, they will probably shout out “I’ve heard of them before….”. Prices of balloon printing vary.

At it’s cheapest, printing on one side of a latex balloon in one colour produces the smallest of attention. Spending slightly more can produce a logo and two sides of the balloon. Adding more ink colours to a balloon produces more attention, associations and a higher price.

So what do you put on the printed balloons? For more information on the balloon, the less impact each word has. The simpler the better. For a new fish and chip shop that opened in the town we simply put the company logo in large letters on the balloon and the words fish and chips underneath the logo in small writing. No mention of where the shops was or the opening offers.

The blue coloured balloons matched the colour of the shop and were seen all over the town as hundreds of the helium inflated latex balloons were handed out to children one Saturday morning. When people walked passed the shop, they noticed the same balloons around the shop, a large “opening today” banner and “special offer” A1 boards on the pavement. They commented something on the lines of “this is where it’s all happening” or “I was wondering what was going on”. The balloons created a “something happening” feeling and linked it to a colour and logo. When the logo and colour was finally seen, the association of special offer and need to buy was created. The Queue for pie and chips was long all day.

The material of the balloon increases the cost considerably. Foil balloons grasp attention due to their reflectiveness, sparkle and class which creates a quality association with your brand. Worth considering for high end quality products. For more on the style of balloons available look at the Disney range of balloons and look how they associate the style of balloon to their market and product.

Balloon printing should be produced in accordance with your budget and marketing purpose while catching the attention of your target audience.

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