Drugging You Into Submission

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Amphetamines are socially accepted popular drugs Thuốc Acriptega mylan that are easily found in all parts of society. You might say that can’t be true, think of how terrible Methamphetamine is, how many lives it has ruined and think of all the state sponsored Meth projects. This is about a very close relative of the terrible drug sweeping our nation, Amphetamine/speed, is with us, it is encouraged, the government wants its use mandated and the medical prescribes it frequently (about 30,000,000 times last year, accurate statistics seem to be difficult to find). Speed is prescribed to all ages, people of all social backgrounds and economic capabilities. Medically prescribed speed, makes up about 50% of the speed used in the U.S., so the total numbers of illegal and legal speed type drug users in the U.S. is very large (just double the 30 million). Amphetamine type drug use/abuse is not isolated to the U.S., it is a world problem, even though the U.S. does produce and consume more than 80% of all the speed in the world.

Why are drugs so popular, don’t we have a war on drugs and what about just say “no” to drugs? In the early 1980s, “just say no to drugs” was an anti-drug slogan promoted by the popular president and at the same time that administration imported tons of illegal drugs into the U.S., with no thought of future negative social consequences (check-out Iran Contra). In the early 1980s that popular president was the biggest drug dealer in the world and that is the most direct government promotion of drugs possible. He put cheap drugs on the streets and he also started “The War On Drugs” (I guess he didn’t want competition).

The Pharmaceutical branch of the medical industry makes semi-truck loads of money from manufacturing and selling/pushing drugs to the U.S., the world. Profits from the sale of drugs to treat the symptoms of ADD/ADHD and the symptoms demonstrated by people having difficulty living in our hurried, complex, fragmented society, make up an important part of these truck-loads of money. In one of my old articles with the same title, I tell of an initiative backed by G. W. Bush that would mandate Psychological testing for “all” school aged children and if the child/student failed the test, they would be prescribed a drug to address the ADD/ADHD symptoms the testing was designed to detect. That initiative did not go away and it is still bobbing around in the sea of political money supporting Washington, D.C.

Off-shoots of this initiative unsuccessfully surfaced in a few states and California has recently successfully enacted a law that could/would mandate student drugging without parental permission. I am sure that ADD/ADHD was foremost on the minds of the fine politicians who pushed for and lobbied for the law, along with the Flu Injection of course. The medical will need to order a few more trucks to handle the increased profits made from this future government mandated drugging. ADD/ADHD can be successfully treated with alternative treatment modalities. I and many others have personal experience with that. You need to realize that once the trucks are purchased, they need to be filled.

Is there such a thing as a “smart drug”? That may sound like a no-brainer statement, but many do believe that enlightenment, intelligence, super powers, whatever can be found in drugs. The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) goes to great lengths, proving that intelligence, enlightenment and super powers can’t and will not be found in drugs. My experience working with traumatic brain injured individualas, has shown me that smart drugs just don’t exist. Psychotropic type (speed) drugs, if taken for an extended period of time do cause a decrease in broad range IQ testing and a decrease in reaction time efficiency (reaction time increases, gets worse). See the results of testing done by NIDA, concerning Amphetamine use/abuse.

Nearly 70% of all college students are taking a drug to help them with their college academics (school work) and most of these drugs are medically prescribed. Students say that these wonderful drugs make them more alert, more able to concentrate or focus and able to do more without sleep. These unknowing (I was going to say ignorant, but that sounds a little strong for the future leaders of government and industry) college students sound a great deal like amphetamine addicts in their descriptions of “smart drugs”. Have you ever heard of “Tweakers”? Amphetamine Tweakers need very little sleep, can demonstrate amazing focus and concentration, can maintain focus and concentration for extended periods of time, have an abundance of energy, can perform tasks well (at first), feel good about themselves while they are using their drug (at first), think that they are doing well (while they are under the influence), most have become addicted and as the result of their drug of choice, most have great difficulty maintaining a functional, productive life. College students believe that they have their drug use under control, that the drug is working for them and that sounds so much like a Tweaker. I will leave these “smart drugs?” as a point to ponder.

We humans have used many different drugs for many years, for many reasons and their use, along with the reasons for their use are increasing drastically. As stated earlier, college students use drugs regularly, our soldiers are being prescribed drugs to better tolerate the conditions of war (I have some experience with war and I would never want to have a tolerance of it), truck drivers are being prescribed speed to help to keep them alert and I know a counselor who is taking drugs so that he would not be abusive to his family. Psychotropic drugs are everywhere and where all of this will end can’t be predicted, because this is just too new.

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