Forex Advisor – The Little Known Advisor That the Big Boys Use to Trade the Forex

For years the institutional traders (aka – Big Boys) have used a high tech system to trade the Forex for their employers. The institutional traders are the real insiders of the Forex markets. They carry the huge accounts because they are backed by the banks and financial institutions. If anyone had a stake in finding out what worked best in the markets you can bet that these guys did.

So what is their secret?


The big boys use computer based trading systems that allows them to set specific parameters that work in the Forex. Then the automated system scans the markets for these signals and then executes the trades when those signals come up. The system can be set up to accept practically any trade signal, and to execute any type of order from limits, to stop orders.

As cool as the technologies of these systems are, the real beauty is in the human factor. First and foremost having these systems (often called trading robots) execute trades on your behalf means that emotion is removed from the trading. This is a bigger factor than most beginners realize.

Trading takes on whole new dimensions when real money is on the line. Emotions can fly from absolute terror to overwhelming greed in a matter of seconds.

Secondly because these robots never sleep (nor need pottie breaks) they can monitor the markets 24/7 ruthlessly scouring the Forex for pairs that are set up for profits. This automated nature of these robots means that once a profitable set of signals is discovered it can be repeated endlessly with consistent success.

Of course this also means that for an automated trading advisor – or trading robot – to work effectively it must have a bag of successful trading signals and exit strategies.

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