Diamond Cutting – The Future is Here

The part technology providers participate in the diamond pipeline:

Technology and high-tech paraphernalia are increasingly being utilized in almost all links of the diamond pipeline. Heavy apparatus for mining and sorting is utilized for hauling diamonds from the earth, sea, and rivers. Specialist and assessment supporting systems are used for scheduling rough diamonds, often marking them with a laser beam in groundwork for manufacturing. The diamond mechanized process utilizes diverse technological products for the majority phases of production, counting: laser cutting, centering, blocking, butting, polishing, and marking machines.

The superiority assurance phase at the conclusion of production introduces precise quantity measurement machines. Grading, that is characteristically performed at gemological labs, incorporates quantity and symmetry extent machines, as well as diamond color grading equipments, in several labs. In conclusion, retailers now employ a range of diverse sales and promotion tools for indicating a diamond’s proportions, color, hearts & arrows phenomena, light recital parameters, and even for inscribing a security or personalized note on the diamond.

The effects imposed by new cut grading systems on technology for diamonds:
From the time when technology use is so extensive transversely the diamond pipeline, it is vault to be appreciably effected by the prologue of novel diamond cut grading arrangements.

3 major effects we can anticipate are these:

1. The coarse planning process will require changing in a way that will seize into account all the pertinent light performance parameters, but still productivity proportions and angles that diamond manufacturers can utilize. This is how diamonds have been slashed for years, and any alteration in the cut grading arrangement requires addressing the needs of the diamond producers.

2. The 2nd effect is to anticipate is on quality declaration and diamond grading products. These will have to be competent to measure and grade light performance parameters that will turn out to be part of the innovative grading systems. This will unquestionably need a novel generation of quality declaration and grading products.

3. Sales encouragement products will require addressing the chore of clearing up and signifying the novel grading system in a apparent, straightforward, and undemanding way to diamond buyers. Anyone who has tried to elucidate the ‘4 Cs’ to a diamond purchaser knows just how tricky this can be, particularly when you accomplish the ‘C’ footing for ‘Cut’. Visualize how potentially intricate this might develop into when you try and elucidate luminosity, fire, and scintillation to the consumer in the 2-and-a-half minute typical consideration span.

Unconventional approaches to adapt offered diamond technology to the novel cut grading systems:

Direct measurement of light performance: A basic clarification of the method integrated by this move toward is a section of equipment that permits the user to gaze at a diamond, scrutinize its light performance strictures, and optionally rank the diamond based on these qualities. Principal players in this meadow are GemEx, Fire Scope, the Holloway Ideal-Scope, and the Isee2 product. Not all of these merchandises are commercially accessible, as some of them are utilized for private producing or sales promotion reasons.

Computer replication of the Diamond Light Performance: The technique used by this move toward typically consists of replicating a diamond, a person’s screening perception, and a programmed virtual lighting surroundings on a computer, and then utilizing this combination to establish the light performance parameters of the diamond. Principal players in this pasture are OctoNus with their DiamCalc merchandise and DTI Diamond Technologies integrated, which is predictable to liberate its 1st diamond grading merchandise in the near future.


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