Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Only Place to Succeed Online

Wealthy Affiliate is an online university whose aim is to educate its members in the arena of creating a sustainable and profitable business through internet affiliate marketing. On the whole, Wealthy Affiliate is about providing three factors, which are, relevant knowledge, helpful tools, and constant support. This is what in essence makes it the number one place to learn internet marketing and make money


Online, the amount of knowledge you have is directly proportional to your earning potential and Wealthy Affiliate, knowing this, offers hours upon hours of reading and video material to help you come to grips with how everything works until you are well versed in all the leading strategies. Furthermore these strategies are always being updated, refined and discussed as the internet climate continues to evolved.


There are many tools at this university but perhaps the most essential one is Site Rubix, the easy to use website builder. Having your own webpage has now become more important than ever since the latest Google crackdown, and with Site Rubix it couldn’t be easier. Creating profitable landing pages in a matter of minutes, this resource is a god send for individuals with no previous HTML knowledge.


Last but not least is the support that is provided, which mainly stems from the forum. If you have a campaign that is failing miserably then the members there will be more than helpful in helping you overcome the barriers that have been set before you. The amount of info rich laden posts is truly astounding, and everyday it is likely you’ll encounter a nugget of knowledge that’ll help you grow your business further. With the support at Wealthy Affiliate you are in a community that truly cares for your future.

But what the are negatives associated with this online university and what is the general consensus. Here are my comments.

In my time at Wealthy Affiliate, the worst thing I encountered was when a member embellished their success to the new sign-ups so that they would buy his product out of fear of failing. Luckily though, compared to other forums, this spamming is kept to an absolute minimum, and everyone is allowed to prosper in peace. In fact, the spammer was quickly evicted and the forum is now just widely regarded as the best in the business

Other minor things include members complaining about lack of sales. If you thought that joining Wealthy Affiliate entitles you hundreds of dollars a day then you would be quite wrong. A sustainable income online will only be achieved if you implement their teachings and only then will you reap the admittedly amazing rewards.


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