Sony W350i Walkman Phone – Sony Ericsson’s Flip W350 Music Device

The Sony Ericsson W350i belongs to the category of mid tier flip phones that have all the basic features incorporated in it. It is a simple and stylish phone with simple but attractive features.

This new Walkman phone has been made available in a range of different colour schemes including: Sony Ericsson W350i White, Red, Pink, Lilac, Ice Blue, Hypnotic Black and Electric Black.


The slim line mobile from Sony Ericsson has a complete plastic exterior, with a tint of luster in the front, and sheen less rubber plastic body. The sharp lines along its sides add a terrific look to the mobile phone. Among many not good things with Sony W350i is that the phone offers no great and dynamic body looks as compared to other affordable class mobiles lurking the market.

Memory and Processor Capabilities

The phone is packed with ARM9 line of family processors that run at an appreciable processor speed of 126 MHz. There’s a small internal memory space of approximately 14 MB, and this can be extended to 512 MB using the M2 slot.

Communication Features

There are no Wi-Fi features, and no 3G capabilities in your Sony Ericsson W350i. But, there is blue tooth feature out there. Don’t worry; you can exchange the pictures with your relatives and friends. The Blue tooth feature allows you to give a great good reason to go for. Some of the other good communication features incorporated in the mobile includes, GPRS and EDGE Class 10 technology, and web browsing is pretty fast, with 142 Kbit/s download and 61 Kbit/s. And if not satisfied, there’s a USB port on the left side of the mobile to give you the facility of direct connectivity with your PC, and share the data seamlessly at any point of time.


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