What is Business T1?

Business T1 on the Go

The T1-carrier or also known as the Business T1, traditionally uses copper wires for both voice voice and data transfers. But nowadays, a lot have been using fiber optics for the said line for higher bandwidth purposes. What has made business T1 more advantageous than other business line connection is it can transmit more voice and data compared with the others.

Basically, business T1 can operate both voice and data transmission with a high speed rate of 1.544 megabits per second. At the most, it can carry 24 digital channels to operate the said transmissions. Many businesses have opted for business T1 because of the speed and reliability that it can offer them. To be specific, it is 60 times faster compared with your DSL or analog modems. The said business T1 line has been known to be cost effective as well because you can combine both telephone and Internet service at the same time to less the expenditures with separately having to pay for both of these services. This business T1 line is called the Integrated T1. On the other hand, common businesses which opted for this line are can centers or telemarketing companies, telephone companies and the like.

The good news to everyone is that the costs for business T1 have become cheaper since demands for utilizing the said line consistently increased. There are even leased T1 lines available now given by certain Internet Service Carriers (ISPs). If you want to have a higher bandwidth compared with what T1 can offer you and if you are working on a large corporation, company, or business, T3 can be your choice. With this higher version of T1, you can have 44. 736 mbps for the speed rate.

Talking about reliability, this has been what businesses currently looks for in an Internet connection that is why T1 is their choice. This is only to save themselves from the idle moments they can possibly experience with an inconsistent connection during their operation hours. Because of this reason, there are event T1 providers out there which offer uptime guarantees so that businesses will opt for them as their providers for business T1.

If you want to have a good business T1 provider for your business, select a broker which can help you choose the best.

Fractional T1 for Small Businesses

One of the most famous Internet and telephone connections for businesses is the T1 line connection. This is what most of them choose since it is highly reliable and very fast when it comes to its bandwidth. Though every business knows that it is costly, they still opt to use this one since it is cost-effective at the same time. However, this is only the case for medium to large scaled businesses. For small businesses, the case is different. They do not opt for the full T1 type for their business. Instead, they choose for a different type of business T1 which is suitable for them. This type is what they know as Fractional T1.

Basing from its name, Fractional T1 has only a fraction of what the full T1 type can offer. However, this does not mean that your business will suffer slower or less reliable line connection. Even though only a fraction of the full T1 is being used for this type, still, the fastness and reliability you can get from the full one is also the same with the fractional one.

Basically, 24 channels are being utilized in a full T1 line connection. With Fractional T1, only a few selected channels will be utilized since a small business would not require all the channels to be utilized. One of the reasons why small businesses still opt for this T1 despite its not-so demanding needs is because they still want to experience the reliability and the pace a T1 can offer.

With regards to the costs of having Fractional T1 for your business, it is expected that since only a fraction of the full T1 is being used, only a fraction of the costs of the full one will be charged to use. Technically, providers may only charge you on a channel-to-channel basis which means you only have to pay for the channels you are only using for this type.

You also do not have to worry the connection between your Internet and telephone lines with Fractional T1. The connection you have for full type T1 to the Internet Service Provider is also the same with the fractional type. So if you have a small business and you still want to avail of the business T1 experience, Fractional T1 is ideal for you.

Promoting your Business Using Business T1

Business T1 is what every business across the globe is looking for. With its high speed rate of 1.544 megabits per second and not to mention the reliability you will benefit for this line, it is no wonder why it is still your business choice despite the wide array of choices for Internet and telephone line connections available at the present. Aside from this, how can you promote your business by means of using business T1?

As most of you already do know, having business T1 as you business line connection means you have your own connection and that you do not have to share this with other businesses. Aside from this, there is a constant access with the Internet connection with minimal lagging if ever you will encounter this one. If your business has an official website to manage and maintain, absolutely business T1 is the right one for you.

Basically, you are allowed to download and upload files for your business or website simultaneously. This also means that the given bandwidth speed of T1 will not be affected even if you do both of these. Aside from this, the said speed will not also be affected despite the fact that more than 10 of your employees are using the connection all at the same time. Moreover, if your business has a multiple number of branches, you can also share information or files to your other employees and customers located in your different business branches. In this manner, you do not have to meet them personally to process your business with your customers as well as with your other employees.




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