Blogging Ideas That Pay

Blogging was once just an online diary for teenage girls. It developed into an online diary for anyone. Unfortunately, many people used it to note what they ate during the day, or what was happening on the television, or just some uninteresting drivel and blogging became boring.

Until, some entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to make same easy money and blogging for a living came about.

Word Press and Blogger are free for anyone to use. They seem to be the most popular and they are easy to use and set up. I use Word Press and find it very adaptable and well supported with add on applications. They are mostly free and new add-ons are developed constantly. Some companies develop add-ons, themes and widgets for sale and have their earlier work put out as samples, at no charge. More details please visit:-

It seems to work on the old free ware principle, where a program is released for free with open code for everyone to have a try at improving or adapting. This is great for development, as many different ideas are tried and a brilliant product is often the outcome. It’s one of those win-win situations.

The blog format is very popular with the search engines because of the constant updates. Search engines favour newer content. They see it as more relevant to the searcher. The amount of content is a bonus in the fight to earn search engine popularity.  If you add content to your blog, daily you will have a large amount of current content on your site in a short amount of time. As far as the search engines are concerned, your site is gold. It will be gold to you too, if you are using your blog to earn money.

There are several ways to earn money from your blog. The most obvious way is to ask your readers for money. If you were writing your blog around a theme, which is the recommended method, you would get your readers to perceive you as an expert in your field. Using your expert knowledge, you could recommend something to your readers and they would but it. This works if you are knowledgeable about your field of interest and if you are offering a quality product or quality advice. When buyers are happy they will leave comments on your blog, which increases your credibility and leads to further sales. You must understand the reverse is also true. If you sell inferior products, your reputation will suffer and you will lose all potential sales.

Another method of earning from your blog is to allow advertising on the sides, top or bottom of your blog page. Google Ad words is an example of this form of advertising. There are many others but the idea is the same. They pay you to place ads on your site. Sometimes you are paid to place the ad but mostly you are paid when a sale is made.

Blogs can be used to add quality to a regular site, selling the regular way. An example could be a sales page, which uses a blog to show you as “the” expert in your line. It is good for the search engine rankings, as well as another way to prove your knowledge to your potential customer.

Blogs can also be used as a way to attract customers to your membership site. Membership site can be done with blogs but are not exclusive to blogs. They are a great way to monetize your blog, as the money you make comes in every month.

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