Make $20,000 a Month With No Investment – Get People on the News

Here is your $20,000 a month with no investment idea: open a business where your primary goal is to help other companies get INTO the NEWS. This is a great business opportunity that focuses on one primary goal – to get a business into the eye of the public free. Now this sounds like a typical PR job but what you are going to be doing is a no BS business that really helps to explain to the business that your only goal is to get them in the news or media PERIOD.

You are going to focus on small businesses and you will not collect a fee until you produce a result. This risk reversal will have businesses left and right trying to sign up for your service. You will focus on a premium price and earn your way to a large fortune.

Your pay rate can be unique and here are a few ideas. You could go with a simple amount that you work out with the business you are promoting by putting a price tag for each time you get them in the news. However, you would be cutting yourself short if you limited it to that. If for example, you got them in the local newspaper that has 100,000 readers, that is a nice chunk of change. But what if you got them onto television which would lead them to 1 million viewers? If you worked out a small fee of $2,000 then you are capped at your income potential. So make sure you plan is more creative. For example, you could charge them based on the number of people that have viewed their piece in the news and charge accordingly for EACH and every time that spot is shown. You would want your fee to be at least 50% lower than the costs of advertising alone. Maybe it would cost them $10,000 to get a piece on a local cable channel. Therefore, you charge them $1,000 to $5,000 if you can do it for them with some unique publicity. More details please

Now it might seem challenging to get into the news, but you really just have to be creative. Richard Branson attempted to fly long distances in a hot air balloon. This brought massive attention to his company Virgin Records and Virgin Airlines. Alternatively, one strategy that was used by a fitness club was to organize an event to run to a local park. A news reporter driving by noticed the group running, asked them to meet him in an hour at the park for interviews and they were in the paper the next day.

All you need is a creative mind and a history of ideas that have worked in the past. Then go about setting up regular strategies for the various businesses you are working for. You are playing a numbers game. If you have 20 companies on your list that want to get into the news and you are providing them with a list of strategies, the odds are that one will indeed make it each month. You only need one per month to make a good income. Not only that, but you have a testimonial that you can add to your list for future businesses. With this idea, you can make $20,000 a month with absolutely no investment.

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