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The mobile industry is on the rise, nobody can deny this, and with the rise of the mobile industry so too is the opportunity and business potential of mobile advertisements. With the big companies dueling it out over prominence for their mobile devices, namely Android, iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry, the situation is ripe for the savvy entrepreneur to make a profit.

Android mobile ads requests are growing at an alarming rate. Reports by Millennial Media indicate a nearly 1000% increase in the year 2010 and this growth is projected by many to carry on. This makes the Android a desirable platform for mobile advertisements and also indicates that more and more consumers are now seeing android ads on their devices.

Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices are also going strong, with Apple’s unique iAd mobile ads projected to overtake Google’s mobile ads if the growth trends continue to hold. This means that an investment into Apple’s iAd ads can be a ripe opportunity to make some revenue if you are already involved in advertising or paid promotions for your business. More details please visit:-

The launch of the BlackBerry Advertising Service means that BlackBerry developers can now embed advertisements into their developments or monetize their apps to earn some additional income. However, BlackBerry has found itself behind its main competitors in terms of mobile ads market shares, losing ground to both Apple and Android in 2010.

The mobile revolution continues to grow and ads on handheld devices are correspondingly following this emergent trend. The Android, iPhone and BlackBerry devices will continue to battle it out for dominance of the mobile market, and mobile ads will be a major deciding factor in the outcome of their respective successes. As a consumer, your job is to stay on top of the news and keep informed about the latest changes so you can make the smartest decisions to maximize your earnings and achieve the best results for your needs.

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