Wedding Plan News For Your Perfect Wedding

Let’s face it. Unless you plan to elope on the spur of the moment, planning a wedding is never easy. There are just too many things to consider – dress, venue, favors, invitations, and menu, just to name a few – that wedding plan news stories about the latest in weddings that contribute to easier planning are highly appreciated.

And these news point to a new direction in weddings that breaks the mould of old-fashioned concepts without taking away the solemnity and the joy of the occasion. Here are some of these new developments.

Change of Guard: Wedding Expenses

Remember the old times when the bride’s parents were expected to pay for the wedding expenses? It used to place a strain on personal relationships and money matters on both sides of the soon-to-be-wedded couple. After all, the general rule was that whoever pays had the most say! More details please visit:-

The good wedding plan news is that, nowadays, everybody can pitch in with the expenses. This will definitely affect your wedding planning in terms of how big the affair will be, who will be invited, where it will be held and other matters.

Active Participation: The Groom

Remember the times when the groom was expected to just sit back and relax and let the bride decide on virtually everything about the wedding? After all, so the reasoning goes, a wedding is the bride’s day!

Of course, this placed unnecessary strain on the hapless bride who must coordinate with the wedding planner about everything from the favors to the venue. And you may have heard of couples calling it quits because of the strains of wedding planning.

Well, the happy wedding plan news that just came through the wires is that grooms are now taking a more active role in planning their wedding. Not only are they expected to become the bride’s full partner but they are happy to do be one!

As can be expected, this makes the job of the bride and the wedding planner so much easier. After all, three heads are always better than one especially when the third head is the groom.

Wedding Registry: Make It Appropriate

Again, remember the times when the wedding registry was limited to household items? There were many reasons for this fact like couples were not allowed to live in one house before the wedding.

The good wedding plan news is that, nowadays, you and your groom can decide to list down almost everything that you will need after the wedding sans the usual household items. After all, your house must be full of them as it is and receiving these gifts can add to the clutter.

Instead, you can ask your wedding planner to draw out a wedding registry with a twist. For example, if you plan to spend your honeymoon in a skiing resort, then hotel accommodations and skiing equipment are more appropriate to your needs. After all, wedding gifts are supposed to make the couple -you – happy so you might as well tell your guests what will make you happy. In a very subtle and sophisticated way, of course!

In conclusion, to make your wedding planning easier, you can always hire a wedding planner who can worry about these things for you. Just make sure that your vision still comes true since it’s still your wedding.

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