Format For Writing a Newspaper Article – Simple Format to Follow When Writing News Articles

As a journalist, you must understand that you’re not allowed to explore your creative side when writing articles for newspaper. You cannot voice out your emotions or opinions about the things that you’re writing about (unless of course if you’re writing for editorial section) and you cannot experiment on writing style and format. There is only one format that you need to follow in order to make sure that your articles will be published.

1. Short, catchy headline. You must kick-start your news articles using eye-catching headline that will communicate the gist of your content to your readers. It’s important that you keep it short and very descriptive. Make each word count. There shouldn’t be any point where you’ll use fillers or fluffs otherwise, you’ll surely upset your publisher. More details please visit:- Sub-Zero Repair Locally Owned/ Brothers Run

2. By line. This is where you put your name/the author of the article.

3. Lead paragraph. This is the most important paragraph of your news article. It’s okay to make it lengthy especially if you’re covering complicated stories. What’s important is that you give your readers every piece of information they need to understand what you’re reporting. Tell them what happened, how exactly it happened, the people involved, and it’s effect to the lives of your readers (if applicable).

4. Article body. You can use your succeeding paragraphs in presenting supporting details, interviews, and quotes from people who are involved in the story. Your last paragraph should contain additional information or link to other articles that are related to the story that you’re writing. Ensure that you keep every paragraph short but tight.

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