The Benefits of Using Google News Alerts To Build Website Content

I find the best way to use it is to type in my subject in quotes. That way Google only alerts me when any news comes up just for that particular phrase. Otherwise, I would get alerts for any news that comes up with any of the words in my phrase.

Anyway, the reason I’m even mentioning Google Alerts is because I have been receiving TONS of new information lately, it seems every hour I get more Alerts and this tells me two things.

1) There are many new websites coming onto the Internet (that’s nothing new)

2) Many more websites are continuously adding information!

AND that tells me that everything that I’m reading about Search Engine Optimization is true!

What I’m reading is that CONTENT truly is KING. All content, new content, continuously fresh content, data, data, data!!!!

Basically, the more information (relevant information of course) you have on your website, the higher your rankings will be, the more audience you’ll be attracting, the more sales you’ll receive, the more exposure you’ll get and the more links you’ll have. More details please visit:-

Think about it, part of getting UP on the search engines is getting other websites to link TO you. That’s easy enough to do with search engines and directories. But it’s a bit harder to get other regular websites to link to you. So, many people participate in a link exchange type of program. That’s good, but what’s even better is having other websites link to you because you have something GOOD to say! These are ONE WAY links, in other words you don’t have to reciprocate the link! These ONE WAY links score more points (to search engines).

I know I’ve been harping on this for a long time and I’ve opened many blogs for my clients and I give all my monthly marketing clients a new keyword phrase every month to help inspire them to write an article (about that keyword phrase) in their blogs and maybe even their websites.

But, I have to admit, it’s a losing battle. I wish I could sit and write articles for every one of my clients every week! I KNOW that would bring in more customers, more revenue, more, more, more!! I KNOW because I’ve done it on my own website and it absolutely, 100% works, without a doubt.

I recently have had a few customers call and ask me “What else can I do?” — “I’ll spend more money but what can I do?” — my reply to them is WRITE!!!! If you can’t write an article, hire someone to write an article (my friend and article contributor Joel Kweskin can help you). But however you do it, just do it!!

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