You Are A Blogger And Not A News Reporter

To me blogging is all about expressing our opinions and thoughts and not just writing about breaking news. No doubt the biggest blogs we know like TechCrunch, mashable, LifeHacker and Gizmodo; all give you latest Technology and Web 2.0 updates but we must not forget that these blogs run on multi author, blogging company model.

Blogging is all about writing your opinion on latest happenings in your blog niche. As a blogger better not speak about Apple lunching all new iPad 2 rather you should be writing your experience with tablet computers and how it’s going to be a rocking life saver to pro bloggers and tech geeks.

#1 it will establish you as an authority in your niche; More details please visit:-

The best thing about writing your very own opinion on your blog is that it proves you as an authority in your blog niche, the one who writes pure original valuable content and your readers benefit from it.

#2 Your Opinion matters

You start a blog, people start visiting it, and they read your content, make comments and ultimately the blogging process build a relationship between your and your blog readers. They visit again and again on your blog because they love to read your story, opinion and thoughts on a certain subject/niche. They regard and value your opinion. They follow your steps and they respect your authority on the subject. It build a personal and long-lasting relationship. On the other hand if you keep on writing breaking news on your blog you readers may search for alternative sites where they find news coming fast and in a more illustrative form.

#3 It intriguers discussions

Opinion post calls for your readers to put their two cents in response. It encourages your readers to make a thoughtful comment where as a breaking news post would mostly gets “great news” “oh, I really don’t know about it” sort of comments. Your insightful opinion on a subject allows your readers to take the subject to the next level and it helps create a healthy discussion in form of comments.

It time now for you to write your opinion about this post in comments below.

#4 Creativity

Blogging is a art. It’s a spacial form of art. Expressing your thoughts and belief will surely help you become a better creative writer. It build your reputation and encourage you to write original and thought provoking articles.

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