Courier News – Changes in the Laws for Dangerous Driving in The UK

Being a courier is a job where you’re on the road all the time. Safety is paramount on the road and anything that can improve road safety is always welcomed by courier drivers. The drivers should always take their own precautions to stay safe, but some dangers, however, come from other drivers on the road. It is good news when new rules are brought in to improve road safety and a new offence has now been introduced in the UK that will, hopefully, make the roads a safer place for all drivers.

The new offence is that of ‘causing serious injury by dangerous driving.’ It will come into force in England and Wales shortly after being revealed by the Ministry of Justice, and has been welcomed by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

Up until now, there has been a gap between the two offences of ‘causing death by dangerous driving’, which has a maximum 14-year sentence, and other incidents of dangerous driving, which carry a maximum sentence of two years. The new offence has been welcomed because it has long been argued that people accused of causing serious injury by dangerous driving should be given a heavier penalty. Victims can be left badly maimed or disabled for life as a result of dangerous driving, and now the punishment is more in line with the crime. More details please

This is all good news for couriers. As people who spend many hours a day on the road, they have to deal with aspects of dangerous driving perhaps more than most other people do. Although experienced on the road, courier drivers can still be put at risk by other road users, and this new law is a step in the right direction to lead to safer roads in the UK.

As a courier, or any driver for that matter, it is important to stay safe by following simple safety guidelines, and these can help to save lives. These include taking regular breaks so that you don’t become too tired to drive safely, especially when it comes to long-distance journeys; eating well and staying hydrated to keep fresh and alert; and refraining from texting or speaking on a mobile phone whilst driving.

Safety is of vital importance for courier drivers and anyone else who regularly uses the roads. This new law, combined with the practice of following basic safety guidelines, will help to lead to a safer environment on the roads for all, and will help you as a courier driver to enjoy your job even more.

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