Sarcoidosis Causes – Exciting News

Sarcoidosis is an autoimmune disease. This means that in sarcoidosis body is somehow “convinced” that it is sick and it needs to react. It then activates the immune system and puts it in “combat formation” to fight an enemy that is not there. The immune system gets its signals crossed and identifies non-threatening substances in our body as destructive agents. In this article we will look into what modern medicine says about the possible causes and some exciting news in the field of alternative treatment for sarcoidosis.

Sarcoidosis causes – what does modern medicine say?

Modern medicine is at a standstill for a long time now when it comes to sarcoidosis research. This applies to the theory about the underlying cause of the disease. It is pretty much the same with any other autoimmune disease. Because of the fact that 90% of sarcoid cases manifest some kind of lung involvement, there has been some talk that the cause of sarcoidosis might be something that enters the body through the lungs. Suggested suspects include viruses, bacteria or an unknown toxin from the environment. More details please

Sarcoidosis and tuberculosis

Cases have been reported about people getting sarcoidosis and tuberculosis simultaneously, and this is why some researchers have been looking into the possibility that the cause is the same as well (Mycobacterium tuberculosis). Sarcoidosis also resembles beryliosis, a disease caused by inhalation of the metal beryllium. On the other hand, blood of sarcoidosis patients does not show any signs of infection, which is basically very strong argument against the theory that the viruses are the causative agent.

Sarcoidosis causes: Genetics

Some practitioners have made claims about the genetic background of sarcoidosis. Although there has been no proof to date that the genes play any role in the development of the disease, the effort to pinpoint the part of the genetic makeup that might be involved in triggering sarcoidosis. Apart from the general causality, research is underway to look into genetic determinants of what organ is affected in a particular patient.

Exciting news in alternative sarcoidosis treatment

Sarcoidosis causes are less of a mystery with every days goes by. Recent developments in the field of alternative treatment of sarcoidosis are very exciting. Discovery of chemical underlying connections lead to a new protocol of treatment that is reported to have a remarkable 82% success rate.

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