Great News on Penny Stock Prophet – Earlier Alerts!

I want to share some great news regarding the Penny Stock Prophet. One of the things that I was most disappointed with about the newsletter was that the pick release alert time was moved from the night before, to the morning of, at the market opening. This made it pretty much impossible to do your due diligence on a short term recommendation before placing an order.

For this reason alone I switched my focus from the short term day trades, to the long term picks where you have plenty of time to check out the company and make an informed decision. I am very pleased to tell you that the alert time has been changed back to the night before to give everyone plenty of time to consider their positions. I feel that it is crucial to have enough time to do proper research.

The internet is the most comprehensive resource of information the world has ever known. And it’s available to anyone with a computer. The internet is chock-full of information on stocks, new companies, IPO’s, FDA Phase I, II, and III trials, and more. But how do we get all that info, and use it to make wise penny stock trades? More details please

What if you could find experts in the field of investing, and get them each to provide a list of their most promising stocks? They have all the info; they do this professionally for a living; and their continued success depends on being right more of the time than the average guy.

You need to harness all the knowledge, experience, and skills of the people who make the lists, and by comparing the lists and seeing which stocks appear the most frequently, you can leverage expert information for your own use.

Search for “top penny stock newsletters” or “top 10 penny stocks” and make sure the results are recent. Pick a few newsletters and compare the results. Look for the same picks showing up on multiple sources. Watch the choices and see how they do. With the market ever so close to making a huge recovery, this is a great time to look for a few good resources. Good Luck!

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