American Terrorist Mom News Story – How Can That Possibly Be?

Many essays have been written on How to Win the Hearts and Minds of those who oppose our great nation, and the free world. There have been many academics contemplating how to bring the Taliban and, and Al Qaeda into the political fold so that they can air out their grievances, help us understand what it is that they want, and allow them to join in the decision-making process, rather than blowing up civilian targets. Perhaps, this is why our military hires psychologists, anthropologists, and academic researchers who study religion and culture.

Now then, with regards to the recent story; “Terrorist Mom” which was discovered in Kansas, and one in Pennsylvania, I recently asked a top notched psychologist about this, someone who specializes in the woman mind through various life-stages. I asked; would you say this was made possible due to their association with “Muslim terrorists” being picked on, thus the “motherly instinct” to “protect” them came into play? After all, it seems kind of strange a white woman brought up in America would join the cause of a terrorist group right? More details please visit:-

Realize that this question was posed to you a psychologist, who studies women and their thought processes throughout their lives; for instance childhood development, teenage years, childbearing years, post-childbearing years, and post menopausal periods. The more specific version of this question once we drilled down on the topic was; what scientific evidence of life-cycle or relationship cycle would allow for this?

That is to say; How could an American mom have joined the efforts of a radical religious Muslim terrorist group, one which was hell-bent on attacking soft targets, and bombing innocent civilians? Why is this important to me, and why should you care? It’s simple, because after all the profiling we have done to try to figure out who might be a terrorist, and who might not, all this suddenly an American mom, a couple of them show up on the radar screen assisting a middle eastern terrorist group with terrorist cells in the United States.

This is about the last person you’d expect to be a terrorist, after all we consider soccer moms to be about as American as Apple pie, and yet it happened, and it happened more than once. If the terrorist groups can infiltrate US populations and indoctrinate the middle class mothers to join their cause, then we have a real problem here, and we need to understand what’s going on. Unfortunately these psychologists who claim to be so very wise, and understanding of all psychological aspects, well, they don’t seem to be able to figure it out.

Of course, they claim that if they study the individuals, and do some background checking and research that they could figure it out, which in and of itself is rather arrogant. What they are basically saying is they can study these individuals, categorize them, and force them into one of their neat little psychological theories that they’ve been caught in school. Unfortunately they are unable to do this, at least so far. We need to figure this one out. Please consider all this.

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