Heartburn Treatment – Causes And Symptoms!

Heartburn is a problem that is cause by the leakage of acid from the stomach back into the esophagus. This in turn causes heartburn. The esophagus or gullet is not capable of handling acid. Therefore it leads to severe belching, vomiting sensation and feeling of acidity in the throat. The condition also leads to severe pain in the stomach and chest.

The treatment for heartburn should begin at home. The treatment has to be a combination of medications and changes in lifestyle and diet. Simple remedies like quitting smoking, limiting intake of alcohol, avoiding fatty foods, sodas, citrus fruits, chocolates and the like will help in the treatment of heartburn.

Instead of a few large meals, short meals at regular intervals will be of immense help. Do not lie down immediately after the meal. Ensure that there is a gap of at least three hours between your meal and your nap. Keep your head in an elevated position when going to sleep. Use a wooden block or some other thing under the bed so that the height is raised by about 6 to 8 inches. More details please visit:-straensenteret.no knutbrokstad.no sky1.no

In most case the heartburn should be controlled by the treatment at home. However in some cases you may require expert medical treatment. A gastroenterologist should be consulted for effective treatment. He will identify the problem based on your condition and symptoms. He may prescribe simple medications such s antacids and other across the counter medications for treating heartburn.

However, if the heartburn persists then he may suggest some tests. The tests may range from x-rays, to endoscopy. The gastroenterologist will suggest the correct treatment based on the results of the tests and the laboratory reports.

In some case, surgery may also be necessitated. However, the important factor in the treatment of heartburn is identifying the factors that lead to heartburn and try to avoid them. The treatment for heartburn has to be a continuous process in the processing of controlling diet and avoiding foodstuff that causes acidity and heartburn. Antacids may work for only a short while. Therefore stick to a good diet and follow the advice of your doctor for effective treatment of heartburn.

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