84% Of People Are Ready to Look for a New Job When Recession Ends: That’s Fabulous News!

This month it was reported that 84% of employees claim they will look for a new job when the recession is over. While it makes for great drama, let’s drill down and glean 3 observations and identify a fresh idea from this melodramatic number.

The Reality – People Need to Work

During the past few years, many people have lost their jobs but not their financial responsibilities. To continue making money they have accepted jobs that are either lateral or rearwards in career and/or pay.

3 Observations: 84% are Potential 16% are Stagnant

(1) Resilient people do what they have to do to keep working and get their foot in the door for the next opportunity. Pay attention to them. They are your company’s future leaders.

(2) “Looking for a new job” means people want to find a new role for their skills and strengths; it means they are ready to grow their careers and paychecks. And they should. Stagnation kills.

“Looking for a new job” does not necessarily mean that people will be running in droves for the door. People don’t leave companies; they leave managers. Make managers matter and people won’t leave.

(3) The 16% that claim they aren’t going to be looking for a new job are the ones that should scare you – they are the complacent ones. Happy to keep doing what they’ve always been doing. Not eager to grow, change, improve, develop. We will rue the day they are in charge.

A Fresh Idea: Mentoring the Manager

Want to make managers matter? Compel them to be the Mentee. Typically we look to the managers to do the mentoring and guiding of individual contributors in their career development.

But who is mentoring the mentors? Managers need to learn how to be extraordinary managers; how to lead so people want to follow. They need to learn this from senior leaders, from their peers, and from individual contributors.

Turn mentoring on its head! Obligate every manager to work with a mentor to discover how to be great middle leaders.

That’s how you elevate the importance of mentoring and the impact of managers. That’s how you address such crazy-making statistics.




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