TaylorMade Drivers For 2010 – Great News For Golfers

The TaylorMade R9 Drivers

Although TaylorMade does produce a driver called “R9”, R9 is also a family of technologies applied to several drivers. Here’s a listing of the drivers and the technologies they employ.

  • R9 / TP — FCT, MWT, ICT, UTWT
  • R9-460 / TP: — FCT, 460cc, ICT, UTWT
  • R9 SuperTri: — FCT, MWT, 460cc, ICT, UTWT
  • R9 Superdeep: — FCT, MWT, 460cc, ICT, UTWT

The Technology

  • FCT (Flight Control Technology)
  • MWT (Movable Weight Technology)
  • 460cc Head (Maximized Head Volume)
  • ICT (Inverted Cone Technology) and UTWT (Ultra-Thin Wall Technology)


The R9 look has been designed around a black finish. In various places on the club you find bits of silver-colored trim, but the overall impression is one of an impressive black beast. Though the club looks like it was designed by an aeronautical engineer (maybe it was…) the shape isn’t just functional. It’s a beautiful club to pull out of your bag.


There’s more to learn about the R9 family. The standard shafts vary from club to club. The R9 Superdeep has a particularly deeply designed face (2.5″). CG (Center of Gravity) varies from club to club. The list is long and intriguing!




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