Good News For Potential Elottery Representatives

During my time in this business I have managed to employ a technique called attraction marketing. Most people in network marketing spend there time chasing down leads they have bought from a lead vendors or leads from the company themselves. Or chasing people down in shopping centres or whoever they meet when they go about their daily business. This may work for some but it did not work for me. So if you are thinking about joining elottery if you are not happy doing this then you should ensure that your team is employing some ‘attraction marketing’ techniques rather than ‘interruption marketing’ technique.

It just got easier to run your own business

Before I got involved with elottery I was searching the internet high and low for an ethical and legal business opportunity that allowed me make a powerful residual income but where I did not have to pay an expensive sign up fee and preferably a service so I did not have to worry about holding and posting stock. This search was not easy. I was about to give up when I discovered elottery. Straight away I saw the potential and it ticked all the boxes. No stock, No selling and no door to door sales. More details please visit:-

Comparison to other opportunities

I am sure you can relate to this when I say that all the network marketing opportunities involve an expensive sign up fee. A welcome pack some of them call it or ‘business in a box’. Sign up fees can range from £75.00 to £250.00 ($150 to $500 usd approx) which is pretty steep and that is before you have bought any of the stock you intend to sell. On the other hand elottery is a small £5 per year plus your playing subscription of £5.00 per week of which is wiped out once you introduce you first five.

Expansion of the internet

Over the last ten years the internet has exploded phenomenally it’s scary to think where we are going to be in the next ten years. What does this mean for potential elottery representatives? You are joining at the right time! Thousands of people are searching the internet for a straight forward business opportunity and thousands are looking to get involved with online gaming because of its ease. So if you can get to grips with the internet it won’t be hard to hard to generate 20- 30 leads per week.

A product everybody is familiar with

It’s great to know when that when you are getting involved with a service that everybody is familiar with. I was with one particular Network company and it took me ages to learn about all the products; the benefits and the features etc. After a while I decided I did not feel comfortable with selling these products. Not only were they overpriced but I could not see how they would fit in to peoples lives, I did not have an emotional attachment with the products. Straight away when I joined elottery I could see how people would be attracted to this service. Playing the lottery for FREE with increased chances – as a network marketing opportunity I don’t think it gets much better. So at the end of the day no matter what network company you are involved with you must believe in the product or service and the rest will be history.

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