Nintendo Ds Wifi Connection – Good News For Gamers

Newly released game for Nintendo will allow the Wii console and the Nintendo DS to be linked together using the DS wifi connection. If you own both a Nintendo DS console and a Wii console you can link the two using the Nintendo DS wifi connection and use the multiplayer mode.

Geometry wars: galaxies has already won top awards for Wii and was just released for Nintendo DS. It allows for single player and multiplayer modes. The new single player mode allows players to tackle waves of enemies that have never been seen before and they all act and react in a frenetic way through 60 different levels. It also introduces the new Battle Drone that will follow your request to defend and attack or collect the geoms that are used to increase your multiplayer scores or even buy new planets.

One of the unique new features is that players will be able to battle in a variety of different planets in the new multiplayer mode. Using your Nintendo DS wifi connection if you own both the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii consoles you can link the two together and unlock bonus levels for both versions of the game. This will allow players to get high scores with the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS and post on the online leader boards.

They have optimized the game controls for both the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii systems that allow you to use the Nintendo Wii remote and nunchuck controllers. It also allows compatibility for the Nintendo classic controller. All you need is your Nintendo DS wifi connection or your Nintendo Wii wifi and you can now use the multiplayer mode to battle online for an exciting game experience.

This new video game will make the perfect addition to any video game collection. You will be excited to see that they have added 60 more times the gameplay, multiplayer and wifi to make this an incredible game experience. There are more and more games in the works with the introduction of the Nintendo DS wifi connection feature and you can expect to see them released over the next year.

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