Use a Press Release to Grab Thousands of New Customers

Just about everyone agrees. The Internet is a jungle these days. By the time you’ve tweaked your SEO, paid for your AdWords, and paid dearly for loads of backlinks — you’re out of time and too broke to run your business.

He’s a powerful alternative: Send your own press release to media. It’s free, you reach thousands of hot prospects, and media need your story right now.

* Radio stations have thousands of listeners in every community.

* TV news operations not only reach huge audiences on broadcast TV and cable, they have intense traffic to their news laden websites.

* Newspapers are still the lions of news information in cities and small towns. These days they have reduced staffs and super tight budgets. Many newspapers are using far more press releases than ever. Releases are cost effective and keep their papers filled with news.

* News services like Associated Press and Reuters have top-notch reporters who are always looking for interesting news.

* Internet news sites like Yahoo and Google not only reach audiences, but are also read by reporters.

* Search engine experts say sending out a press release and getting it on news sites is terrific for your search engine positioning.

Here is the formula used to write a professional press release. Write and format your release with these tips to show media editors you are professional and worthy of their time (You would be surprised how many blatant ads and sales letters editors get. They are deleted! You don’t want to be one of them.)

1) Give your press release a headline that provides the basics of your story.

“Smith Company Releases New ‘Power Option’ to Save Home Owners’ Money and Increase Summer Comfort”

The headline names the company and tells why this story could be important to media audiences. I’ve also included the word NEW. Lots of press release distribution services will only send releases that announce something NEW.

2) Tell the main aspects of your story in the very first sentence of the press release body. This is called your “lead” in the news business.

“This week Smith Company of Canton, OH announced the release of Power Option, long awaited by homeowners nationwide. Power Option cuts electric and natural gas consumption by 30 percent, making the new technology of intense interest in the Green Movement.”

3) Next, tell your story in inverted pyramid form. That means you put your most important details first, leaving less important details for the end of the release.

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