Trading Your Life For Money

I was sitting on a call with a mentor of mine and heard him say: “Most people don’t realize that they’re trading their lives for money because they think they need to”. He went on to say, “Do you think God/Spirit/The Universe would want you to trade your precious life for money?”

I heard this message after I had left the corporate world working for someone else, and thought to myself: No wonder why I felt chained down and totally powerless – I had a deeply instituted belief that others held my power, and in this case, the company that handed me my pay-check every two weeks held lots of my power via money.

Yet, I didn’t know any other way really. No one had taught me in business school that there were other options. I simply followed what others told me I’d be good at – and did what everyone else did – graduated, got a J.O.B – and began the dance of trading my time for money.

Fast forward many years later, and I now see the Truth. Money is simply a tool that we use to help us be more comfortable. It is important and needed within life, most definitely, yet it doesn’t need to manifest in your life the way you think it does.

When I start working with a client to help her collaborate and brainstorm on a business strategy and structure that will support her desired life-style, I hear and see lots of surprised looks and smiles when she begins to think of “What Could Be” with her business.

She begins to see how her life-style can have loads of freedom and flexibility – that she can take her immense knowledge, gifts, talents and skills and create various ways and means to help others, all while making an incredible, multi-six-figure income.

And it’s all about a perspective shift. That’s it.

It’s about looking at what you’ve learned in the past about “how” you make and ‘earn’ money, and then simply allowing yourself to become aware of “What Could Be” and look for all the possibilities on how you could create a entrepreneurial venture that allows you do what you love, while creating ways and means to share your gifts, knowledge, talents and skills with others in different ways – all while creating new income streams.

And you know what’s also so beautiful about this concept and process? That you see that what you’re really after is not more ‘things’, although that’s fine if those ‘things’ make you more comfortable, but what you’re really craving is: A LIFE!

If I were a betting woman, I’d bet that you’d give anything for a bit more free time. Time to be your family and kids. Time to travel. Time to take care of yourself – go to yoga, go to the gym, go to a craft store and just roam around. Time, time, time!

Time is a luxury ya know. And when my clients share with me their deepest heart desires, the underlying theme and core value is always having more time to be with the people they love, do the things they love, help more people and make a difference, all while having a lot more fun and freedom in which to do it.

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