Woodstock to Good Stock – It’s the Age of Attitude – 60+ and Shot Full of Life

Those blessed baby boomers… they dared to dare, coined the Age of Aquarius and rebelled with Woodstock. They know they came from good stock; their grandparents built the industrial revolution, their parents fought in WWII, they rocked the world stage by ushering in beautiful blonds and burning bras and dared to call their job a career. They were born into attitude and took it to the limit.

The 60 something and beyond still remember wars and peace marches, communes and space programs and were the pioneers of the technology insurgency. They were born to be free and still believe in the stairway to heaven, on their terms. They are the good day seniors.

Baby boomers comprise the post war population explosion; they were conceived during an international battle cry of ‘let freedom ring’ across Europe and America.

They were of a necessity, the movers and shakers in our world. They have always expected, demanded and created a better world. It is little surprise that they retired with the same attitude and exuberance they lived life with. They replaced rocking chairs with Harley’s and reinvented retirement communities as a place to live and not die.

You can bet the arrival of Viagra and other performance inducing drugs originated in the minds of the baby boomers. No has never meant no to this group. They redefined ‘Live and Let Live’ to ‘Live and Really Live’ life to the fullest. When they leave, you have to imagine they will come barreling down the last road arriving at the pearly gates with a screeching slid into the final home plate… proclaiming, ‘Man what a ride!’ You gotta love these guys.

Baby boomers are the creative giants in our world. They arrived with great vision and a determination to do it on their terms. They were fearless in their quest for the real truth about everything. They traded the waltz for jitterbug and line dancing and put the big bands into a distant category of their own when they introduced the world to rock and roll and the best of the blues. They created music that yet today is reintroduced and not reinvented.

These were the rebels of society; make them go to war and they will demand peace. Tell them no and they will replace it with ‘not that way.’ They find a way where there was no way. They neither accept nor fear defeat. They don’t understand the concept of anything less than extraordinary. It is their battle cry for a life well lived.

Was it any surprise that they carried their clout as a buying audience into their golden years? Thank the baby boomers for skin care that truly restores youth, eyes that see better than before, for laser corrected unsightly veins and liposuction and life style lifts.

No short blue curly hair for their women; they are sporting long, beautiful manes as they dance into the sunset with their man who also sports a full mane, yet another boomer invention. They brought spandex out of swimwear and introduced it as a foundation garment that compliments their attention to detail with bodies that still retains muscles and definition’ even if it requires a little help from their friends Hilfiger, Versace and Wang.




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