The Value of Hotel CMMS Preventive Maintenance

Many hotels continue to face severe financial challenges as a result of disappearing profit margins and the aging of their assets. What many Hotel owners do not realize is that good preventive maintenance software can provide relatively quick financial relief by stopping unnecessary cash drains. Hotels that make use of an EAM/CMMS preventive maintenance programs have a definitive competitive edge because they are able to take reduce unnecessary capital expenditures, lower labor costs as well as increase energy efficiencies.

All assets require maintenance over the course of their useful lifecycle. Maintenance requests grow even faster as assets become older. The reason is as assets age they may require replacement parts, adjustments, Preventive Maintenance lubrication, cleaning or just a fresh coat of paint. This is commonly referred to as preventive maintenance with the intent of extending the useful life of the asset. Of course, the larger the hotel the more assets that will require maintenance. Many hotels defer preventive maintenance either because their staff is too engaged in emergency repair work or they erroneously believe they are saving money.

A CMMS Reduces Cash Drains from Aging Assets

Deferred maintenance is a sign of a struggling Hotel operation. This occurs when Hotel management fails to realize that poorly maintained assets (roofs, kitchen equipment, Marketing agency boilers etc.) breakdown more often when there is a lack of preventive maintenance. In addition, poorly maintained assets are far less energy efficient. In both cases, there are unnecessary cash drains due to emergency repair costs or higher utility bills. The same principal applies to all Hotel assets from in-house laundry operations to office equipment. The solution is adjusting maintenance operations to be more efficient and flexible using CMMS software.

In contrast, labor costs have an immediate impact on a Hotel’s financial health. The fastest way to drain cash reserves are to incur needless overtime. Overtime from Hotel maintenance teams occurs most often from emergency maintenance or repair work orders that do not happen during simplyorganizedonline regular operating hours or when the maintenance expert is available. By implementing a CMMS solution Hotels unplanned maintenance becomes a minor occurrence as most maintenance is now planned and scheduled as preventive maintenance or inspections. In addition early problem identification allows issues to be scheduled pro actively instead of waiting for a breakdown to occur. By scheduling the repairs in this manner, the amount of time spent performing emergency work is sharply reduced. The greater maintenance flexibility allows for more work to be done with less resources which is a big win for hotel management for controlling overtime expenses.

Other Financial Benefits of Implementing CMMS Software

Other financial advantages to implementing CMMS preventive maintenance programs include better capital budgeting, quicker response time to customer issues and lower liability. Capital budgeting is improved because the CMMS tracks an assets complete maintenance history so management can better estimate replacement timeframes. Customer maintenance issues can be responded to quicker because of the increased schedule efficiencies resulting more info please visit:- in a better customer experience and higher client return rates. Lastly, liability as a result of negligence claims may be lowered because the historical maintenance records can show good maintenance practices.

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